Vtiger information and knowledge systems are valuable assets and must be protected. This is achieved by implementing proper security frameworks for managing risks to Vtiger and ensure business continuity by preventing security incidents and reducing their potential impact.

1. Resolve the issues faster

The first thing you would like a seamless platform to speak with the customer. You can give the customer so many channels for engagement, to choose from. With Vtiger, your customer can raise the difficulty and obtain it resolved even easier with automation.

2. Empower your customer care agents

Vtiger gives your team relief from the tedious task of knowledge entry. It makes the task of your customer support teams easier and boosts their productivity.

3. Make it easier for the managers

When your team can effectively manage customer care without any hassles, the team leaders can effectively focus on the issues that need attention.

4. Manage data effectively

Data is everywhere, at each and each step of the interaction together with your customers. But that data is scattered and you would like to manage them, analyze them and use it to spice up your prospects.

5. Customization

Vtiger CRM is an open source and provides great flexibility for customization. It can be customized depending upon your business requirement and process. Also, Vtiger CRM is suitable for multiple domains like Forex, Real Estate, Hospitality, Event Management, IT, BFSI and much more.