React allows us to form graphic components with which to structure our website. It maintains a virtual DOM itself and these components are painted alone thereon . Each component handles its own state and mix to make more complex interfaces.

Easy to learn and master

Let’s get on with the first things first. Before you can start using a technology to develop the web and mobile apps, you need to get an insight into its basics and understand how it functions in order to leverage its features. React JS is not a full-featured framework but a JavaScript open source GUI library that concentrates on one specific thing and aims to accomplish the task efficiently. It is the V in the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern.

Great for SEO

More often than not, developers have to face the issue of JavaScript frameworks not being search engine friendly at all. This leads to applications developed on JS not being SEO-friendly in most cases.

Performs better due to Virtual DOM

The updating of Document Object Model or DOM often becomes a explanation for performance bottleneck just in case of web app development. In React JS, you'll easily avoid this problem as virtual DOM involves your rescue.

Supports component re usability

Component reusability comes across as a great advantage for developers. React JS allows you to reuse the components developed for some other application that utilizes the same functionality.