Big Data

Big data means a very large form of data which is created by increasing the size of various small data. It resides in different formats that cannot be handled with traditional tools and applications, and the size of this data continuously increases.  That is, Big Data is a huge form of data.

 How Big Data Works  -  The way Big Data collects thousands of GB of data per second, they contain text, audio, video, images and all kinds of social site data, some of which is structured like companies, etc., and most of the amount is unstructured.  Or Raw is data that comes from social sites and other sources, so Customize Data Processing software tools etc. to handle such a large amount of data.

The use of Big Data- The Data Analyst conducts a thorough investigation of Big Data through customized software tools, using the Data Mining and Data Analysis process after which the information required for its work is removed from Big Data.  Information can be anything that includes data of companies, personal data of people, social site data, ie the data of every digital activity used by people everyday.