Block chain is a technology, a platform where not just digital currency, but anything can be digitally kept and recorded.  That is, blockchain is a digital laser.  At the same time, Bitcoin is a digital medium through which we and you or some other things can buy and sell benches.  However, it is wrong to call it a currency because it has no value in the real world.

 Uses :

Maintaining Public records: The government has many records which are locked in files.  It is often difficult for the government to determine their safety due to their loss or destruction due to some reason.  So blockchain can become a big solution for this.  The government can encode the data and upload it to the digital ledger.

 Land Deal Use: Land deal can be simplified by using blockchain technology.  Blockchain can be a great help to make the document work during this time safe and easy.  Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are using it for land deals.

 Smart contracts - Any industry if it relies heavily on contracts, such as insurance, financial institutions, real estate, construction, entertainment, and law, all those industries will be benefited with this technology.  Because with the help of this technology all your contracts can be updated, managed, tracked and secured without any dispute.  Smart contracts, which are embedded with if / then statements and which do not require the involvement of the intermediary party to execute.

 Personal Identification - Governments often manage a lot of amounts of data such as personal data from birth to death records, marriage certificates, passports and census data etc.  Blockchain technology can easily manage all these data according to the streamlined solution and can store them securely.

 Payment processing - This is the specialty of Blockchain that it can easily handle the payment processing of any big company.  This can completely eliminate the need for intermediaries, which we often see in payment processing.