IOT Research & Development

IOT research and development means the internet of things builds over the revolutionary success of mobile and internet network . Even a few of decades back, nobody could have imagined having a video chat with their families. Nowadays, it is merely a child’s play. All of this is often thanks to the wide availability of internet and creation of devices with Wi-Fi abilities. Technology costs are taking place , and smart-phones are capable of doing almost anything with their inbuilt features and apps. What we've till now's “Internet of Computers (IoC)” and it's gradually growing in size.


• Expertise and new avenues for innovation

• Faster lane to market for iot projects

• Economical option

• Managing risks

The research area of the web of Things in recent years has experienced growth and development in an interdisciplinary manner. Various papers are written very massive, and reach various concepts and fields of knowledge ranging from technology, applied engineering, economics, business, strategy, industry, management, etc.