Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment that permits developers to make all types of server-side tools and applications in JavaScript. it's a JavaScript runtime environment which allows the infrastructure to make and run an application. It’s a light-weight , scalable, and cross-platform due to execute code. It uses an event-driven I/O model which makes it extremely efficient and makes scalable network application possible.

The hardest things are to possess the client-server model clear in your mind, and catching up with the Node’s asynchronous flow.

The product launch startup wear many hats and face many challenges. No surprise, they need to stay their lives as simple as they go to be. Thus, as they step into the Node.

Node’s scalability is achieved by the load balancing and thus the potential to handle an enormous number of concurrent connections.

Surely, Node.js could even be a mature and well-tested tool, and it's not going to be neglected or abandoned any time soon. Since Node.js acts as an efficient and responsive web server, it allows for the creation of real-time web applications which can run smoothly.